200 Lumen LED Light Bulbs

Enjoy the great outdoors with our Rechargeable Power Stations

We’re dedicated to providing the best value for money with our products and services in South Africa. We have a dynamic product range with a model to suit your needs no matter the loadshedding schedule.

Switched is an agent for  generators, power stations, multi-plugs, lighting and other various products. In addition we supply an extensive range of solar products such as Solar pumps, solar inverters and solar batteries.

All our products are manufactured to the highest quality and are tested extensively before usage. 

220 – 240 Volts AC Output

Portable Power Station with Solar Panel Input

This 200 Watt AC Output Power Station will have your devices such as cameras, smartphones and small electronics charged.

Ideal for camping, outdoors and other adventurous activities.

Power up at home or the office with USB, QC and Type-C PD ports, this portable power station is ideal in the event of loadshedding or power outages.

Sustainable, Reliable & Affordable Power Solutions



Investing in alternative energy sources such as solar power or solar inverters and to reduce reliance on the national grid.


Implementing energy-efficient technology in homes and businesses to reduce energy consumption during peak hours.


Responsible use of electricity by educating the public on energy conservation and the reduction of energy usage.

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A Switched Power Station?

Auto Power Failure Detection

Up to 50 Hours Operating Time

Total Overload Protection

Pure Sine Wave Technology

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